The First Book (Part 1)


The Unbelievable Journey of a Courageous Woman

This is a story about a young woman and her daughter, who start a new life, after war has broken out in their homeland.

On their travels they met a business man, Thomas O´Hara. After spending a short time together he invites them to his country estate in Scotland.

Thala comes from a very humble background, and to receive such an invitation makes her feel uncomfortable. However she likes him and starts to trust him, and decides to accept his offer.

The journey however, does not turn out as she had expected.


After showing her around the estate, Thomas nervously asks Thala to take a seat in the living room. Until now, only he knew the secret to his life and ancestry. But now he has to explain himself to Thala. He has fallen in love with her, and wants her to follow him. He wants to show and explain to her his world, which is very different from a life as she knows. After a few glasses of wine, he takes a deep breath, and nervously starts to tell Thala an unbelievable story.

Thala does not know what to say. The whole thing is very bizarre, and she is now completely lost for words.

Thomas continues: “We have developed technology that enables us to travel here. I come from a planet called Selan; it is far away from Earth, but still within your galaxy. We also inhabit other planets that are more known to you, like Mars and Venus”.

Thala´s scepticism grows, and her thoughts are racing. Is he crazy?


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